Give Your Baby Shower a Coordinated Theme

The excitement is building, the wait is almost over, and the big day is drawing near: There’s a baby on the way.  Now is the time to celebrate with family and friends, to create a special occasion to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world.  Make your shower unforgettable, from baby shower invitations to decor, favors and thank you cards and by choosing a coordinated theme tailored to your personal style and taste for this special day.

Color and Theme

Whether you’re expecting a boy, girl, twins or triplets, choosing a theme for your baby shower will greatly streamline the planning process and spark creative ideas for your party. Many hostesses like to begin by choosing color, a good first step to ground the process. Remember your choices are not limited to pinks and blues, as invitations, decorations, tableware and favors are all available in a wide spectrum, from ecru and blueberry to magenta and lime.

Let your imagination guide your choice in selecting the theme for your shower.  Choices are abundant, from traditional blocks, booties and bottles to vintage teddy bears, owls, or kittens. Choose an angel-themed party to welcome your new addition, or a cupcake theme to usher in the new arrival.

Themed Decor

A garden theme with the traditional umbrella as centerpiece is a shower favorite, but wagons, baskets or even a sparkly tiara can beautify your tablescape and make a great impression. Colorful paper lanterns can add a festive feel to a garden shower; tiered serving dishes bearing votive candles and strewn flowers add interest to a buffet station. From casual luncheon fare to a finger-foods picnic, menu items can blend seamlessly with your theme and decor.

Themed Invitations

Themed baby shower invitations set the tone for your gathering, letting guests know important information about date, time and place as well as the tone of the party, be it a dressy afternoon tea or a casual backyard barbeque.  Choose a design and color on a quality stock that speaks to your individual style, and then build your decorations, menu and activities around this motif.

Themed Activities and Favors

Shower activities can be personalized to delight the mom-to-be, incorporating favorite photos into guessing games and fun family facts into party quizzes. Party gifts and favors can be coordinated with theme and color, from candles to pamper products to wine charms.

Your last step before baby arrives is to send out themed thank-you cards to acknowledge your baby gifts. With a little advance planning and a coordinated theme, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself on the day of your shower, a special celebration of memories for you to treasure in the years ahead.

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Arranging a special Christening Reception

The baby has arrived, the godparents are chosen, the christening invitations have been mailed and now you’re ready to plan a special christening reception.

Christening Invitations in Green Style Board copy

This is your baby’s special moment created just for him or her and you want it to be a perfect beginning for his life for the future. Location: Depending on the size of your guest list, you might want to consider places in your town that often host wedding receptions. Typically, these places will have the space and the equipment you need such as table and chairs, table cloths, a kitchen for a caterer and might even set everything up for you. Research the places you think would be the most appropriate venue for your christening reception. If you’d rather go with a more informal setting, a local park with a children’s play area would be ideal and you could host a picnic or BBQ. Just check with the local council/ranger to make sure there are no fees or reservations needed. Caterer: Should you choose to have a caterer, find someone who has experience in christening receptions. You’ll also want to make sure you’re on the same page for what to serve. Tell them if you want something as simple as cake and punch, or something as extravagant as a four course meal. Typically the menu will be based on the time of day the reception will be held. During peak lunch or dinner time hours, a full meal should be served. If it’s between those peak times, serve refreshments.

Favors: You’ll want to thank all the people who came to your baby’s christening and reception by having favors available as they leave. There could be something as simple as candy wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon or as fancy as a glass cross ornament or bookmark in a ribboned bag.

Think about something that’s special to you and your baby’s birth and go for a christening favor that your guests can look at and remember where it came from. Show Off Your Baby: What else is a christening reception for other than showing off your newborn and celebrating their birth? It’s also a time to enjoy family members that you haven’t seen in awhile or haven’t been able to visit with since the birth of your baby. With ample cause to celebrate, sit back and enjoy the gifts you’ve been given from God!

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